The Purpose of Disease
Meditations in an Emergency, UCCA Beijing
May 20 ~ August 30, 2020

Solo Exhibition, The Purpose of Disease
Dodd Galleries, University of Georgia
Feb 27 ~ May 8, 2020

Projection and sound, The Purpose of Disease
Landline, Screened at Tusk, Chicago and Cicero IL

LANDLINE is an LED sign presenting thought-provoking texts made by contemporary artists, writers, and thinkers. The project is curated by artist Robert Chase Heishman. The sound was recorded with Lu Wang (dk) and debuted at May 15th, 2019. Sound files can be listened by calling +1 312 281 7366 during the month or online

In our current moment we are hyper aware of sickness, looking for signs of it everywhere while exercising caution by staying home away from others. Amiko Li considers our relationship to disease and how we treat it both medically and socially. In Li’s video Playing Sick the actors aim to convincingly perform what they interpret illness to look like externally. Viewing a performance of sickness and pain becomes far different than looking over someone who is ill or inhabiting those symptoms ourselves when fallen ill. Li also considers our evolutionary trajectory, in how we humans have a smaller spectrum of visible color compared to birds and other mammals. A question arises: how far has evolution carried us and have there been missteps along the way?