The Singing Glass, 2023

One day out of nowhere, some people began to discover their glass singing.
A performative installation in which participants interact with props, clues, and stories, gradually as gamers and supporting actors, to delve into this fictional documentary.

Director: Amiko Li
Editor: Chelbaum Zhong
Performers: Loic Pincemin (Bartender), Serkan Avlik (Vault Keeper), Theo Douchand-Poynder (Telephone Patcher)
Producer: Erin Li and Katrina Man
Cinematographer: Thomas Palomino Ingram and Amiko Li
Additional Photography: Anne Tetzlaff

Produced with support from Delfina Foundation and M Art Foundation.
Acknowledgment: Aseng Borang, Helen Gale, Erin Li, and Nick Yu