Vacat Page
2024/3/2 - 4/2
Imaginary Z, Hangzhou China

Back to the days of online surfing and MSN, I need to remember to set my IE browser to about:blank otherwise it will be hijacked to spam portal sites. A book will always be cut into multiples of two; folded once and open again, faint creases reveal themselves: visibly at the juncture of the arm and forearm, visibly at tight sealed lips that struggling to articulate something. From the main body to metaphorical bodies, from the Antarctic to the Arctic, spectators to the cage... As far back as 1880, the "A record of the statesmanship and political achievements of Gen. Winfield Scott Hancock, regular Democratic nominee for president of the United States," was birthed, a four-page blank book concealed within a pastel blue cover, a mockery of pristine emptiness. It's definitely not forgetting what to say; if language could take form, it would regurgitate. Even without content, a cross must be drawn on the page to dispel doubts; absolute clamor and relative quietude, what matters is not the quietness itself, but its significance.

This page is blank, it is not an accident.