i’m not sick
dangerous with camera

What’s the purpose of disease?
Now please take a look at the lines on your palm,
The first horizontal one is about your career,
the one below that, if it’s long then, you will hit people very hard.
The first vertical line on the left is love, the one next to it, is life.
I used to extend my line to the belly button,
so that I could be a pile of old mud that lives 10000000000000 years
happiness and depression are just blood circulation, if life is bitter just take a candy
here is the vein of sensitivity, some people cut it to have an easier life
crying is sweating, bitterness is pure science, so no need to be too sensitive
if you feel stiff then just stretch your body

gossip / friendship
In a town called Binalonan in the Philippines, local law imposed that gossip, or chismis as known in Philippines is now illegal. also, no karaoke after 10pm.
i like that people have to conduct serious research
and commit to their words.

heart transplant, it was literally doctor
holding a suitcase of the heart in ice
running to the hospital
highway skip redlight,

inside outside
fridge stomach

sometimes i got startled by my own voice
thinking, oh that was really high pitched, oh that was a weird tone

rash physical presence
mom had it too

you know those people who carry tote bag with nothin it right?
you know cilantro is deadly to some people.
you know he is a good cook no measurement of salt
you know those erasers at the end of pencils are just decoration right?


the paradox of unanimity.
the key to understand this paradox, is in considering the overall level of uncertainty involved in types of situations we are dealing with.
if we are asked to point out orange chicken from caviar, or jigglypuff from Mr.Mine.an unanimity result should not be surprised.
but in other situations where chances and coincidences might happened,
we should expect varied distribution. If you flip coins 100000 times, and you get head 10000 times you will start to suspect something is wrong with this coin.
During 1933-2008, there is a case of too good to be true, where police in Europe discovered identical DNA information in crime scenes at France, Germany, and Austria. The Police was never able to find her throughout 75 years, it later turns out that the swaps for DNA testing was accidentally  contaminated by the same woman when they were manufactured.
As much as we like there to be a clear between good bad,

language as currency
tragedy bank

I need a refill of my sadness
unlike my constantly growing nails and hair,
I am afraid to lose the ability to sad.

What is the size of the human brain ?
If I remember one new song, an old song will disappear,
if I put in one more grain of rice, where would my grandmother’s voice go?

I am certain that we have two systems of sadness,
things that would take some processing, some time to ferment,
things that immediately point to tears

Vaccination injected negativity into my body
it flows along within the stream, river, ocean,
triggers an artificial induction of immunity,
the tears evaporate,
the cloud can't hold the weight,
it starts to rain.

Perhaps, I just deposit these sad memories and
never get a chance to take any out yet

different windows

since i get to tell the story,
i tell it whatever way i want.

our relationship with $$ is nuanced