A Guide to be a Comedian

Playing the piano is a game with self,
finding chords online so I can sing all those songs of teenage years,
one after one.
Being live on Instagram but no one is watching,
I verbalize my thoughts, and finish my sentences.
I was genuinely touched by my sense of humor.

The world is a huge balloon,
the only difference is inside and outside.
Fifteen hours flight, I had at least sixteen of those.
The window is closed so it could literally be anywhere to anywhere.
In the city of Shang Hai where I can perfectly blend in,
I felt like on a secret mission.
Nobody knows I am actually Namie Amuro,

Security cameras are so reliable there now,
I got caught sleeping on the escalator.
When they hunt me down from the hide and seek,
would this pink-hoodie boy have the honor to be remembered for another ten years?

The two-way mirror between the dream and reality:
the whole world is outside, awake
I am inside here.