Meditations in an Emergency
Upcoming Exhibition, UCCA Beijing
May 21 - Aug 30, 2020

What we talk about when we talk about body
Conversation with Alvin Li, UCCA Beijing
May 30, 8:00pm 

Multiple Entry Points to Dis-ease
Interview with Laurel V. Mclaughlin
this is tomorrow, April 22

Close Look: Amiko Li at Dodd Galleries
Suite Gallery, University of Georgia

Upcoming Artist Feature
The Light Observer, Issue 2

Artist Feature, How to Be a Comedian
Precog Vol 5: Bubble Orchestra
Launch Event at Printed Matter, New York, NY

Artist Feature, Encounter
Genda 3: Endless Scenarios
Preview at OffPrint Paris, Paris, France

Upcoming Reading
Triangle Arts Association
Brooklyn, NY