Amiko Li
Maiden Voyage

Essay by Tim Davis
Design by Moonsick Gang
80 pages
19 x 24 cm

Hardcover    $40
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On Amiko Li's series "Maiden Voyage," photographer Tim Davis writes: "[It] is a probe, sent to the limits of photographic connectedness." The images, diary-like in nature, together make an idiosyncratic view of the human experience. "Li draws together images that are strummed on the harp of one sharp-eared young romantic artist, but whose meaning together builds odd harmonic overtones as images pile up. This work is the diary of a vision of the world, not of a person."

Maiden Voyage won PDN The Curator’s Award and Center Project Launch Award, it was nominated MACK First Book Award, and shortlisted at Istanbul PhotoBoo Festival and Belfast Photo Festival. It was presented at New York Art Book Fair, Toyko Art Book Fair, and Polycopies at Paris.

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